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Queue size and duration is now displayed in queue manager && Album Cover Popup fixes (#6086)
Jonas Kvinge
Add ALSA Device Finder (#6079)
Jonas Kvinge
Bump taglib
Mattias Andersson
Prevent closing of the RipCDDialog if the ripper is running
This prevents a segfault when a running dialog is closed and later reopened.
Jonas Kvinge
Fix formatting
Update README.md
Eoin O'Neill
Implemented SPC playback functionality.
Would like to add more playback support for additional GME supported file types. GME is already supported by the GStreamer backend.
Jonas Kvinge
Use taglib to check for valid audio file
Updated Library Grouping to have "Album Artist / Album" (#190)
* Updated Library Grouping to have "Album Artist / Album".

Translations string XML files have been updated with the additional item under "pref_library_grouping_values" with my best guess at the translations. They have been commented, For someone who is multi-lingual to fix if needed :)

* Fixed error in /res/values/strings.xml

* Removed Translations for the next Transifex translation pull

Added Improvement to CHANGELOG

* Removed Translations for the next Transifex translation pull
Jonas Kvinge
Fix setting device on windows (#6081)
Mark Furneaux
Clang format
John Maguire
Bump libvorbis to 1.3.6
Add option to verify subsonic server certificate. (#6060)
* Add option to verify subsonic server certificate.

Defaults to true, as it is safer to have a server certificate verified,
even more so, if the server is used over an insecure WAN link.
During subsonic configuration the checkbox can be deactivated, so that
no certificate verification will occur when talking to a subsonic
server, allowing for self-signed certificates.

With the proliferation of let's encrypt certificates there's probably
less need for this option but it has been requested and hard-coding
verify-off is IMHO bad security practice.
If a valid certificate has been installed, the configuration file can be
modified manually and after a restart Clementine will perform a proper
server certificate verification.

The patch might need some UI polishing and asks for string translations
but is operational so far.

* Satisfy CLang format checker.

* Use QSettings' default value support.

* Consistently use QSettings' default value method.
Jonas Kvinge
Device fixes for MacOs (#6098)
* Fix setting device for newer MacOs

* Fix setting device if there is an empty description
Mark Furneaux
Allow playing of tracks already in queue
Jonas Kvinge
Fix loading output/device setting
Jonas Kvinge
Fix crash when uridecodebin fails. (#6077)
Let's the user see the error message what failed instead of Clementine crashing.

Also don't do gst_object_unref unless bin is set.
This fixes GStreamer-CRITICAL gst_object_unref: assertion 'object != NULL' failed
Mattias Andersson
Load the audio cd in a separate thread
John Maguire
Merge pull request #6043 from TheUbuntuGuy/feature/mf.playnext
Add Play Next Option to Queue
add genius.com as lyrics provider (#6073)
Mark Furneaux
Initial playlist implementation
Jonas Kvinge
Set empty string for sinks with default devices and auto sink
Fix compilation with GCC 8 (#6053)
Eoin O'Neill
Added basic VGM format playback and tag reading. (#6089)
Current VGM format implementation in GStreamer (gstgme) only supports Sega Geneses (Mega Drive) and Sega Master System emulation.
GStreamer also cannot handle the VGZ format (a shorthand for vgm.gz, a gzipped archive that contains a song) which means
that users will currently have to extract the contents of their VGZ files to individual vgm files.
Clicking on songs in playlists via remote control now respecting behavioural settings from GUI (either direct changes it or enques it)
Mattias Andersson
Give the cd device some more time to spin up
Jonas Kvinge
Fix git revision string (#6083)
Mattias Andersson
Fix formatting
Jonas Kvinge
Fix WavPack playback (#6048)
Mark Furneaux
Add play next from library
Mattias Andersson
Resolve an ambiguous function call
Mattias Andersson
Finnish immideately if there are no tracks to rip
Mark Furneaux
Attempt to fix track change hang
When switching between tracks with different sample rates, the probe queue blocks before the pipeline can emit EOS.
This prevents the track change from proceeding without manual intervention. This appears to be because the queue
element doesn't handle the rate change correctly (either due to buffer length, or cap negotiation).
The queue2 element however does handle this without blocking indefinitely.
Use QString fromLatin1 instead of fromAscii
Methods QString::fromAscii and QString::toAscii have been deprecated in Qt 5 (https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qstring-obsolete.html).
This commit replaces calls to QString::fromAscii by calls to QString::fromLatin1 and calls to QString::toAscii by calls to QString::toLatin1.
This allows successful build when merging branch master into branch qt5.
Mark Furneaux
Add to loaderinserter
John Maguire
Merge pull request #6076 from jonaski/taglib
Audio file detection by content supported by newer taglib
Mattias Andersson
Set the parent to avoid a memory leak
Clang Formatter
Automatically formatted
Mattias Andersson
Add Musicbrainz integration to the cd ripper
Jonas Kvinge
Use bultin taglib as default
Only use systems taglib if it's newer than the current release because of audio file detection by content.